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What is O2Geaux?

Our Story

Our mission is to provide easy, affordable access to oxygen therapy so that our customers can enjoy life at higher altitudes. For over 30 years, our family has enjoyed traveling to the mountains for winter and summer vacations, but coming from Louisiana, we always struggled with the effects of a higher altitude. We tried everything to help our bodies adjust, but nothing worked like oxygen therapy. Traveling with portable oxygen tanks was bulky, difficult, expensive and required a doctor’s prescription. We knew we needed to find a convenient and affordable way to make this technology available to everyone. O2Geaux is the solution!

How does it work?

Our portable oxygen concentrators are reserved directly through your vacation rental company and delivered to your room prior to your arrival. All you do is plug it in and start enjoying the benefits of oxygen therapy. You can use the device as much as you want. There is no limit to the amount of time you can operate the machine. Several guests can reap the benefits of the unit by simply purchasing additional cannulas. At the end of your stay, just leave the unit in your vacation rental, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Why choose O2Geaux?

Convenience – Delivered right to your room! You can use the concentrator in the comfort and privacy of your vacation home. No need to make an appointment or wait for business hours. Oxygen bars don’t help during the times we need O2 at high altitudes the most, which is when we’re sleeping. Use your concentrator any time day or night.

 Affordability – Unlimited use for one flat nightly rental rate! Oxygen bars charge by the minute - and that can get very expensive very quickly. Small canisters often cost more, quickly run out, and don’t work nearly as well.  

Nightly Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Recreational Use Only


Medical Disclaimer

  This is not a medical device. This machine is not intended to replace a medical doctor’s advice or to prevent or cure any illnesses. Pregnant women and anyone suffering from a medically diagnosed illness should consult a physician before using this device. This is a recreational oxygen machine and is not a replacement for a doctor’s recommendation.      

Medical Disclaimer